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We are a collective of artists, who came together to provide mutual aid and allies to those artists in need and most impacted, both by Covid-19 and other current events.

Our first initiative in a series of artists-X-change projects is the BoX Project which provides art lovers a way to donate to a vetted partner and receive a unique BoX of art in return. Our first partner,  Brooklyn Arts Council, will be the recipient of all money raised through the BoX Project; Edition 1.

What’s In The BoX?

Each BoX contains five original small artworks (maximum size 5″x7″) from artists in our collective plus an invited artist chosen by Brooklyn Arts Council. Each BoX has been curated by artists-X-change and is unique. Each BoX is one of a limited edition of twenty.

How It Works

Donate $

Make a donation of $1000 or more to Brooklyn Arts Council

In X-Change, Get the BoX

Once your donation is received, a unique BoX of art will be sent your way (limited to the first  20 responders)

Enjoy and Share

Post your BoX experience on social media using:
#artists-X-change @artists.x.change

The BoX Project, Edition 1 provides a way to donate to Brooklyn Arts Council and receive a BoX of art in return.

To receive a BoX, one simply donates a minimum of  $1000 to Brooklyn Arts Council and we will ship you a BoX. It’s that simple.

BoX Project: Edition 1 will be made available beginning September 15, 2020 as the finale to Brooklyn Arts Council’s 2020 Mutual Aid Art Sale

About Our Partner

Our first selected partner organization, Brooklyn Arts Council, has made a long lasting impact on many artists’ careers with a commitment to inclusivity, providing opportunities for underrepresented groups and a strong record of supporting artists in need. 

Brooklyn Arts Council, founded in 1966, is the umbrella organization serving Brooklyn artists and arts groups in all disciplines, and providing residents with affordable access to the arts. It is the go-to service group for Brooklyn’s independent dance, music, film and visual artists, and for finding out about the wide array of cultural groups and projects in Brooklyn.

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