About Us

A nucleus of seven artists joined forces at the beginning of the pandemic to brainstorm ways of leveraging our skills to bring relief to fellow artists in need during this time of lost jobs, sickness and canceled exhibitions. 

The artists-X-change mission is to support fellow artists through raising money for the organizations that support us while concurrently providing art lovers with the opportunity to collect art that has been made in this particular and momentous time.

We hope you will join us in our effort,

The Founding Members:

  • Ellen Blum
  • Michael Davis
  • Jada Fabrizio
  • Christina Massey
  • Nina Meledandri
  • Margot Spindelman
  • Randall Stoltzfus

Who’s in the Box?

Learn more about the artists contributing to the first artists-X-change endeavor, the BoX project.

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