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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are artists-X-change, a collective of artists who joined together at the beginning of the pandemic to help fellow artists in need as a result of current circumstances. Artists have lost income, studio space, exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed and, of course, some artists have become ill. Not only have individual artists been affected, but so have the arts organizations who support artists and who are essential to the cultural health of our community. Our first effort, the BoX project, Edition 1, was created to help raise money for one such venerable arts organization. We chose Brooklyn Arts Council as the beneficiary of this first effort.

Below are the following materials that will familiarize you with our efforts:

We hope you will join with us by helping to get the word out about this unique and exciting fundraising initiative.

Stay well,

the founding members of artists-X-change

Press Release and Artist Bios


A sense of personal responsibility motivates my commitment to making art that reveals our collective nature. The Box Project is that kind of art.

Randall Stoltzfus

The BoX project began out of fear and desperation— how could a small group of us put a collective finger in the dyke of loss that the art-making community was experiencing? Through our partnership with Brooklyn Arts Council we are translating our work into aid for the community of artists that they have been supporting for decades.

Margot Spindelman

I expected a busy 2020 spring season, four shows and 2 speaking engagements, as well as a fairly busy freelance schedule. Then Covid-19 hit, audiences isolating at home, venues shuttered, events cancelled and my freelance paycheck melting away, I found myself scrambling to reinvent myself.

I was keeping my head up but feeling helpless, however I knew that others had it much, much worse. During a check-in zoom call with a group of artist friends we all began brainstorming a way to help the artists, see it through to the end of the pandemic. The result is artists.X.change and the boX project.

The idea of uniting with artists to help other artists during the Coronavirus pandemic is empowering, and when Brooklyn Arts Council partnered with us we knew we could do something important for the community.

Jada Fabrizio

We always depend on others and this dependence is a gift, more than a gift, helping and being helped are essential to our survival.

Michael Davis

When the shut-downs began and the severity of the situation set in, helping was all I could think about. I was consumed by it. This project has pulled out the various talents in each of us, coming together during a time of separation and allowing us to use what we do best, our Art, to help others in need and give back to the community that we love.

Christina Massey

When the pandemic hit, the enormity of loss facing the creative community felt staggering when contemplating illness, family concerns, canceled shows, loss of employment, freelancers in free fall and loss of studios & homes. I felt the need to reach out to support the community of artists that has nurtured and supported me. I don’t remember how, but I discovered the other founding members of artists-X-change through Facebook and together, out of concern for our community, we conceptualized the BoX project, our first initiative to raise money for artists. This current project will benefit Brooklyn Arts Council, an organization which has long supported artists & arts organizations in Brooklyn.

Nina Meledandri

At the onset of the shutdown I was already feeling helpless, and a bit hopeless, in the face of the pandemic and the anticipated long-lasting, shock wave after-effects. Seeing so many artists (friends and strangers alike) losing so much made the idea of joining forces to help artists in need mission critical for our small, yet committed group – a tiny nucleus of friends and friends of friends that eventually became artists-x-change (aXc). I now have the hope that with more and more mutual aid projects bubbling up and expanding, artists, creative communities, and the arts organizations that support them can sustainably help each other get through these unprecedented times. For me, being part of aXc, and working on the Box Project, our pilot effort to raise money for Brooklyn Arts Council to help keep their artists afloat, helps buoy that hope.

Ellen Blum


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